6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ireland

You cannot possibly find one person who is going to argue about the fact that Ireland is one of the most beautiful and visit-worthy places in the world. With its rich culture, heritage, people’s welcoming nature and amazing natural beauty, Ireland has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come and visit the most beautiful places of Ireland and pass their times with joy and pleasure.

Ireland is one of the main countries in United Kingdom next to England. It’s the second largest Island of “British Isles.” The population of Ireland is 6.4 million and the total area of this country is about 84,421 Square kilometers, full of mountains and medieval castles.

If you are one of the people who are planning to take a tour of this amazing land, here is a list of six most beautiful places to visit in Ireland:

#1 Dublin, The Gateway to Ireland

Dublin is the Capital, the largest city and in many senses it’s the gateway of Ireland. If anyone wants to travel Ireland by air, most probably he/she have to land and start his/her journey from Dublin. But he/she should be understood that Dublin is much more than a waypoint or a stopover. This lively city is much more than a travelling point, but also it can keep your interest on for some days. Dublin is the home of some awesome museum, delicious restaurant, unforgettable nightlife and music culture. Dublin the dream city is one of Europe’s most welcoming cities where you can order a Guinness and can enjoy it with the local people.

Temple Bar:
Temple Bar is one of the most visited districts of Dublin. Tourists who enjoy the Trinity College and Christ Church Cathedral will not need to go far to enjoy the galleries, archives and weekly food market of “Meeting House Square.”

Trinity College:
Ireland’s most prestigious university since 1592. It is an awesome example of Victorian architecture design, receiving its charter from Queen Elizabeth. It remained protestant until 1793. It is one of the best ranking universities in the world for learning, teaching and research.

The Book of Kells:
Every visitor who visited the trinity college will be interested about “The Book of Kells.” This is the world-famous eliminated book produced by monks in 800A.D. And the book was moved to Kells in Meath from its original location of the Island of Iona. Now it’s situated on old library of Trinity College. Every year it draws around half a million visitors. And it is the most popular attraction of Trinity.

#2 Wicklow & the East

Wicklow is the capital of the Mid-East Region of Ireland. Irish people love horses and horse racing. They call Wicklow “the garden of Ireland”. The landscape of Wicklow is very unique, it contains cliffs, sandy beaches, rolling mountains, bogs, hidden lakes, friendly villages and much more. This city is at the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East. If you visit Wicklow, you’ll be experienced about pre-historic place of worshipping, the troublous times of the 1798 rebellion in Wicklow jail, can visit and enjoy the magnificence of Russborough or Killruddery houses and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful gardens like Powerscourt or Mount Usher and many more. Wicklow has the largest national park, the biggest forest land, the largest mountain area, the highest waterfall, the biggest man-made lake of Ireland. And you can see here the source of Dublin’s own River Liffey.

#3 Galway, Clare and the West

Galway and County Clare are the cities with the mixture of natural beauty and rich culture. Galway is one of the harbor cities of Ireland, where the River Corrib meets with the Atlantic Sea. County Clare is in western Ireland. A uniquely rocky wilderness area, Stone Age monuments and ancient churches are seen at the Burren of County Clare. These two places possess such natural beauties that you can’t keep yourself from capturing the beauty by your camera. The beauty of Galway can make you spend your day without your conscious, but you have to keep time for the world famous folk session which pervades the pubs of County Clare. If you spend a night outside, you’ll be familiar with the refrain of countless Irish folk songs.

#4 Kilkenny and the South East

Kilkenny is a medieval town in southeast Ireland. This city is famous for The Grand Kilkenny Castle, built by Norman occupiers in 1195. It stands along the River Nore, dominating the backdrop of Kilkenny city. It also has a big market of crafts, pottery, paintings and jewelry. The visitors of Kilkenny can enjoy the quiet and picturesque seaside towns and fishing village shows typify this corner of the Emerald Isle.

#5 Donegal and Sligo

Donegal is well known for its castles, rugged coastline and mountains. Such as the iconic quartzite mount Errigal. Ireland displays her beauty everywhere in the country, but you can see a bit more of that in Donegal than the other places of the country. You shouldn’t forget about a camera before you reach the head of the coast. The views you’ll capture are really awesome and you’ll not want to forget them. Sligo is the largest urban area at the center of the northwest of Ireland. It has a coastal seaport within the western province of Connacht.\n

#6 Belfast and The North

Belfast is the capital of Northern Island. It’s a port city and the birthplace of British passenger liner RMS Titanic. It’s one of the best repairing yards of sea ravaged ships. A place where you can enjoy history, culture, exciting events, great food, super shopping and much more. Belfast is one of the five best cities UK; and ranked among the top 10 nightlife destinations of the region.

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