Coding Bootcamp Scholarships For Minorities
Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Minorities

Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Minorities

Bootcamp Scholarships for Minorities – The rapid advancement in technology has stressed the requirements of requisite professional skills to meet the growing needs. The notion of getting a four-year degree is not enough as the number of graduates has increased by manifolds.

As evident from its name, the concept of coding Bootcamp is to equip the candidates the programming skills and enable them to write the code effectively. The purpose of Bootcamp is generally to bolster confidence and develop fundamental knowledge essential for amateur programmers.

The advantage offered is in terms of ease of accessibility, flexibility, practical skills, and innovative repayment options. Minorities residing in the U.S have ample opportunity to get financial aid and acquire skills making them ready for the field. Especially, the minorities hailing from low-income families can have access to federal financial aid.

  1. Galvanize Scholarship: Full scholarship is offered to students who are underrepresented in the tech society and want to be a part of Bootcamp. It is available to all U.S citizens and more information can be acquired from the email.
  2. Coding Dojo Diversity Scholarship: Coding Dojo excels in coding education and has continued providing a platform for programming and skills development with hands-on learning and industry-tested techniques. Currently, it enrolls more than 6000 students and 89% of the candidates find a job after completion. The diversity scholarship is offered to the needy and underrepresented groups who are trying to make their place in the technological industry
  3. Code Fellows Scholarship: Code Fellows provide numerous opportunities to professionals who have either lost their jobs due to pandemics or are willing to switch careers. Bootcamp has been designed to cater to diversity and at the same time prepare ambitious candidates willing to bring a change. Approximately, $3.5 million has been spent on scholarships for the students stepping into the tech industry. Diversity scholarship is specially offered to candidates coming from low-income strata and underserved backgrounds with financial constraints. One (01) full tuition fee waiver is offered to African-Americans to promote diversity
  4. Dev Point Labs: Diversity scholarships are offered with 50% off tuition fee allowing students of all gender, race, color, religion, orientations, ethnic groups, etc. to apply
  5. DeltaV Code School Diversity Tuition Award: Located in Cedar Rapids, DeltaV Code School has been phenomenal in providing software, cybersecurity, digital security, and network/systems administration. The affiliation of schools with top-notch sponsors also helps potential clients to hire and interview graduates. Understanding the need, the DeltaV Code School gives African-Americans, Hispanic, etc. ample scholarship opportunities to meet their financial needs and especially help the minorities to cope with the effects cast by COVID-19.
  6. All applicants for Code 201, 301, or 401 courses are considered for the diversity award. The diversity tuition award application is to be submitted along with an essay of 250 words describing the motivation for joining the program. Also, it contains details on the financial situation and needs. The connection with Iowa must also be detailed in the application

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