The University Of Texas At El-Paso (Utep) – Graduate Scholarships
The University of Texas at El-Paso (UTEP) – Graduate Scholarships

The University of Texas at El-Paso (UTEP) – Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships When it comes to the public research Hispanic-serving institutions in the US, UTEP needs no introduction as it is one of the largest and successful institutions labeled as the R1 research category.

It is regarded as the top 5% among the research universities and ranked fifth in Texas for high research activity. Harboring at the US-Mexico border, it attracts candidates from all across the globe due to its iconic landscape and exquisite campus.

The number of candidates has exponentially increased over 130% in the last twenty years demonstrating its performance and quality-oriented education. Recognized as a top-tier research university, it houses graduates from the bottom 20% of the population. Envisaging the financial needs of prospective candidates, UTEP offers a wide range of grants which are detailed as below. The eligibility to the grants requires a complete application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

The University Of Texas At El-Paso (Utep) – Graduate Scholarships
The University Of Texas At El-Paso (Utep) – Graduate Scholarships

Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH)

This grant is for both undergraduate and graduate students associated with the teaching sector and intends to pursue teaching the high-need subject for a period of four (04) years in a low-income family/community school.

As a part of the procedure, candidates are required to submit a “Teach Grant Eligible” form from academic mentors. The candidate must score above 75th percentile score on the admission test and have attained 3.25 CGPA. Since four (04) teaching is mandatory, it can convert to an unsubsidized loan if the requirement is not fulfilled.

The value of the grant is based on enrollment as full-time students are entitled to receive the full grant only

Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship

All the students whose parent or guardian died in the line of duty or as a public safety officer are eligible to get a maximum Pell Grant. The Graduate Scholarships scholarship criteria include Federal Pell Grant Eligibility, Parent/Guardian died during the line of duty, and having an age of fewer than 24 years at the institution of higher education at the time of death of his guardian/parent. 

Hawkins Scholarship(Graduate Scholarships)

Hawkins Scholarship is deemed as the most revered and competitive scholarship for only two (02) UTEP students depicting intellect and resilient character while demonstrating their determination for service to the community.

It is primarily for the students who exhibit exceptional leadership abilities and are capable of addressing challenges against humanity. Hawkins Graduate Scholarships scholarship includes a grant of $10,000 each with tuition, traveling, boarding, etc. covered. In addition, all the education expenses outside the campus are also part of the grant. 

All UTEP juniors (under-grads) intending to pursue graduation from UTEP are eligible to apply. The Graduate Scholarships scholarship is open to all and requires an undergraduate degree at UTEP as a pre-requisite.

The candidate must be at least seventeen (17) years of age and have a brilliant academic profile i.e. minimum CGPA of 3.7 out 4.0. The selection criteria also emphasize academic excellence, morals, character along with sympathy for the poor. Financial need is not the only the main selection criteria. 

The Office of Graduate Scholarships requires a full resume with qualifications, honors, accomplishments, voluntary activities of not more than two (02) pages.

An essay is required to be submitted with anecdote, academic profile, accomplishments, aims, and contributions to pursue graduate student. Also, an academic transcript, letter of recommendations with at least one from faculty along with a passport size picture is required for selection.

President and selection committee selects the potential candidate accordingly. 

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