Growing inclination among International Students to study in the US or Canada or the UK in 2022

Global research that Navitas Insights is doing right now shows that the things that will affect students’ decisions to go to college abroad in 2021/22 are changing quickly. It has been seen that the government policies of international study destinations have a direct effect on the choices of international students when compared to the COVID infection profile of each destination. This seems like a big change from the year 2020.

Are you also in this group of people who want to study abroad? Do the policies of the governments of the places you want to study also affect your choices? Are you also looking for places where you can study and then work after you graduate?

If so, you should read this article because it will tell you how this is affecting other aspirants and what they prefer right now. We’re sure that this information will help you make the right choice about Higher Education Abroad.

COVID Case Numbers: Less of a Factor for Study Abroad in 2021:

Based on the survey, it has been seen that the rise or fall of COVID-19 infection cases is no longer the only factor that affects a student’s choice of where to study abroad.

For example, students are becoming more interested in studying in Canada and less interested in studying in Australia and New Zealand.

Students are more interested in study destinations that let them travel there, study there, and work thereafter they graduate.

Students are becoming more interested in Canada, the UK, and the US.

Even though there is a pandemic going on, Canada and the UK are still gaining a lot of students who want to study abroad. But the desire to study in the United States stands out because of how quickly people who want to study abroad are rethinking it.

President Biden’s choice to let the ban on H-1B visas put in place by the previous administration expire sent a message to international students that they are welcome in the US. The US had said that people from India couldn’t come to the country, but then they made an exception for students with F1 visas, saying that they could still come.

Students are again more likely to apply to universities in the US because of this change

Another reason why people seem to be more interested in the US and UK is that these countries are trying to get more people to get vaccinated. This will likely lead to looser border restrictions in these countries sooner than in other places.

As students eagerly look forward to continuing their plans to study abroad, they are very interested in staying up to date on how the places they want to go treat international students.

Because of this, students are also looking at studying in Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are also becoming more popular places for students to study abroad.

Some facts and policies of the Canadian government that help explain why students want to go there are:

Even though the borders were closed, Canada let people with valid permits into the country.
International students were also able to use the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB),
During this hard time, Canada talked to international students and their families openly and positively.
The news that Canada is opening a new immigration path for 40,000 international graduates is great news for people who want to study abroad.
Students and parents want to know the latest news about studying abroad.
As was said above, the steps and policies of the governments of the different places where students study affect their interests and decisions. Connecting with the right study abroad consultants is a must if they want to stay up-to-date on policy changes or new information, get the latest information on admissions, course offerings, fees, application deadlines, and scholarships for international students in the US, UK, Canada, or any other country of their choice, and find out about internships, work permits, and visa extensions after studying abroad.

For students to make good decisions, they need up-to-date information about all of the above. This is especially true in a year with so many changes and unknowns. So

There may be a lot of overseas education consultants on the market, but not all of them will have the latest, most accurate information about all the places you want to study. So, you must talk to the Best Overseas Education Consultants in India, Asia, or wherever you live, and get the right information that has been checked.

Due to the current COVID wave, it must be hard for students in India to leave their homes. But you don’t need to feel down or like you won’t get the right information at the right time. Now that everything is online, counseling and consulting services are also available online. So, you can also talk to the experts at KC Overseas Education about admissions online.

We wish you the best of luck with your plans to study abroad. Your dreams will come true, and we will all have a bright and hopeful future.

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