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MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA: Top Colleges, Admissions, Fees, Funding, Jobs

In the US, a full-time MS in Artificial Intelligence usually takes between 1.5 and 2 years to finish. The cost of tuition at the best universities in the United States that offer an MS in artificial intelligence is $45,000. For an Indian student, this could cost between 20 and 70 lakhs per year. Even though the cost of getting a master’s degree in the US may seem too high, several scholarships can help students pay for it.

In the United States, admission to master’s programs in artificial intelligence requires a four-year bachelor’s degree, language skills, and test scores.
For this course, you must know the basics of programming languages like Python, R, Java, and Prolog, among others.

Working experience is not required, but having one to two years of experience is a plus and highly recommended.

After getting more experience, candidates can earn up to $2,57,530 per year, up from a starting salary of $90,000. This is a very good return on investment.

No matter how much it costs, international students want to get a Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the United States because the market is so hot all over the world. According to a recent report by Gartner (2020), AI will kill almost 1.8 million jobs but create more than 2.3 million new jobs by the end of 2020. If you want to study in the United States, an MS in Artificial Intelligence could be the best program for you. By 2022, the field is expected to be worth nearly $3.9 trillion in business terms.

Even though the UK, Germany, and China are strong candidates for the best places to get a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, the United States is still at the top of the list because of its research and knowledge of the subject (Center for data innovation report). So, to be eligible for the program, a candidate will need to have a good GPA, TOEFL iBT score, and GRE score.

Top Universities for AI

Top Universities for MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

Millennials who want to study abroad are increasingly choosing to get a Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the United States. Here is a list of the best universities in the country for the program, along with their world rankings and tuition costs.

Master of Science in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford
MS in Operations Research from Columbia University: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Miami
The Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Cincinnati
From Lawrence Technological University, Master of Science in Computer Science in Intelligent Systems.
The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from Saint Louis University
The Masters of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence from the Stevens Institute of Technology
Bridgeport University

Why MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA?

It has four top universities to its name. best universities in the country that offer AI courses are ranked in the world’s top 50 for getting an MS in the USA in 2020, which shows how high-quality the curriculum is in terms of innovation and research.

The US is the world’s leader in AI. A report from the Center for Data Innovation in 2020 said that the US has the most AI startups, better semiconductors and computer chips for AI systems, high-quality papers published, different ways to do research, and a lot of funding.

Opportunities after studying in the United States: With a 68 percent demand-supply gap for AI engineers, the market is expected to explode with job opportunities, with AI graduates earning up to 145,000 USD per year as a base salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, 2020), the unemployment rate in the United States has been going down. In October, it was 6.9%, which shows that the economy is doing well and that there are more jobs available.

MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA Admissions

In the US, almost every course has different admissions requirements that depend on the university and several other things. But the main requirements for the program have not changed.

For some US universities that offer an MS in AI, we’ve put together a list of all the requirements, including application deadlines, tests to take to study in the US and their scores, and a list of documents.

MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: Admission Requirements

In the US Education System, every candidate for a master’s degree in artificial intelligence must bring the following documents:

Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in the same field or (minimum 50 percent)
Official Transcripts
Two letters of recommendation, usually one from an academic reference and one from a professional one, are usually enough.
Scores on the GRE and GMAT
Experience at Work
Goals and Objectives
Requirements for English skills like IELTS or TOEFL
Some schools may also need to see a video of the candidate.

Some programs might want students to have experience with programming languages like Python, ROS, and classical logic, as well as with statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.

US Student Visa

International students from countries where English is not the native language would need a valid visa to study in the USA. There is a big chance that your visa will be held up or turned down for a

Students need visas for a wide range of reasons, so they should apply for them as soon as they get their acceptance letter and not wait any longer.

The chances of getting a US visa are usually very good, at about 86%. However, because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, there may be a higher rate of rejection or a longer process.

If you want to get a student visa to study MS in AI in the US, you will need the following:

There is a basic application fee of 160 USD, plus other fees that depend on where you are from.

Acceptance of the application fee payment

At least 6 months left on your passport

Form DS-160

Form I-20

Letter of acceptance from the school

Original report cards and diplomas

Scores on standardized tests like the IELTS (6.5 or higher), TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc.

Proof that you have enough money is called “proof of funds,” and it should be equal to the total cost of tuition for the program you are in.

A round-trip plane ticket

Interview with a person


If you are from outside the US and want to get an MS in artificial intelligence in the US, one of the most important things you need to do is make a list of all the costs you will have before and during your time there. To make things easier for the readers, we broke down the costs in the order in which they happened.

The cost of studying in the United States is broken down into three parts: costs before you get there; tuition fees; and living costs.

Pre-arrival cost

If you’ve decided that getting your master’s degree in the United States is your dream, this section covers the one-time costs you’ll face before you get there.

MS in Artificial Intelligence Costs in the U.S.

The tuition fee and other costs vary from university to university and depend on the type of school you choose. The cost of getting a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence is usually high, but it is worth it because it opens up job opportunities. Here is a comparison of some of the best colleges and how much they charge for tuition.

MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA with Scholarships

Since getting a master’s degree in the USA can be expensive, the country offers a variety of scholarships to help bright students from around the world study there. India is one of the countries with the most students who want to study in the United States. Because of this, there are several scholarships and awards for Indian students who want to study abroad.

USA jobs for people with an MS in artificial intelligence

According to the results of a survey by Indeed about the best jobs of 2019, the number of jobs for people with degrees in artificial intelligence grew by 344% from 2015 to 2018. Even though the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, AI specialists didn’t let it bother them, and their field is now one of the most in-demand ones for jobs in 2020.

Since the US is one of the world’s leaders in AI and has a nearly 68% demand-supply gap in the field, getting a postgraduate degree in a similar field from the US Education system.

Some of the most important fields in the US that need people with an MS in AI and are hiring quickly are Software Analysts and Developers; Computer Scientists, Algorithm Specialists, Research Scientists, and Engineering Consultants; Robotics, Military and Aviation Electricians, among others.

A survey done by a recruitment agency in 2020 shows that more than 60% of machine learning engineers in the country are happy with their salaries and make sure they are enough to cover the cost of living in their cities (see below for a comparison), which makes this package deal even better.

In the last section, we say that an Artificial Intelligence Engineer’s starting salary is about $91,531, but that students can make up to $164,769 per year and that the highest earners make more than $257,530 per year.

Since the field is already growing, it is likely that by the end of 2025, it will have created jobs in fields like healthcare, transportation and logistics, and home maintenance.

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