Nurse Practitioner Scholarships

Nurse Practitioner Scholarships

Nurse Practitioner Scholarships: Nurse practitioners (NPs) are trained to assess patient’s needs along with interpreting laboratory tests and prescribing treatments. The fundamental difference between NP and compared with nurses is that the former can prescribe treatment plans and have greater autonomy as they are equipped with the requisite skills, training, and expertise. In the wake of the pandemic, the importance of NPS’s scope of practice has increased by manifolds.

Nurse Practitioner Scholarships

NPS was presented with unprecedented opportunities to respond to the challenges cast by the pandemic with greater autonomy. In terms of monetary benefits, NPs earned an average of $115,800 per year in 2019 due to a higher level of certification, certification, and expertise (Source: BLS). Most NPS start their career as regular nurses but realize that their career as an NP is more rewarding and directly impact the lives of the patient.

Family Nurse Practitioner Scholarship

Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) enjoy a good salary and job satisfaction as the role, by and large, is involved with dealing with the community and is very rewarding. The specialty involves preventative care, monitoring, and assisting physicians with patients of all age groups. Apart from general health and care, the training and specialty develop an ability to address patients’ needs and have a communication link for creating a bond. The scholarships offered are as under:-

i.Vanderbilt School of Nursing– School of nursing offers one (01) partial scholarship to all full-time students and six (6) tuition fee waivers. The available scholarships are as below:

Julia Hereford Alumni Scholarship: Award for a Second-Year Student

The C. W. Kempkau Scholarship: Award for outstanding specialty student in the incoming class

More details can be explored 

ii. Emory University Nursing School – Null Hodgson Woodruff Nursing school is famous for offering cutting-edge clinical experience and access to renowned healthcare partners. It is currently ranked at no. 3 in FNP specialty all across the US. The scholarships include diversity fellows, capacity scholars, Robert W. Woodruff Scholars and Fellows, Veteran Affairs Nursing Scholars, etc. 

iii. The University of CaliforniaThe school of nursing is the best performing school and is known for its best medical healthcare practice. The academic tuition fee cost for 2020-21 is $1,510 per unit for Master’s programs. However, multiple scholarships are available for facilitating students financially. 

  • Cohort Scholarship valued at $3,000
  • NP and Communities Together Scholarship at $2,000 to $20,000
  • Health Professions education foundation scholarship

Nurse Practitioner Scholarships 2022

The nurse practitioner scholarships in 2022 are as follows:-

  • Bonnie Fang Nursing Scholarship
    • Valued at $5,000 and the deadline for submission is 31 March 2022
    • Full-time nursing students in California and Nevada can apply
  • Answer Scholarship Endowment
    • Women aged 25 or above-raising school-age children
    • Four-year undergraduate degree ($4,000) or two-year nursing degree ($2,000)
  • Army Health Professions Scholarship Program
    • Full tuition with books, equipment, bonus, stipend, etc.
    • Letter of acceptance to accredited medical school/graduate program of specialty in the US or Puerto Rico
    • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited school
  • Johnson and Johnson Scholarship Program
  • Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell Nursing Scholarship
    • Valued at $2,500 and awarded to two (02) schools that are enrolled or accepted in nursing school
  • Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania Future Nurse Leader Scholarship
  • Virginia Department of Health Nursing Scholarships 
    • Accepted or enrolled in nursing school in the state of Virginia
    • Engagement in full-time nursing

NP students have multiple opportunities to pursue their careers in nursing and equip themselves with the requisite knowledge and skills for advancing in their careers. 

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