Saint Marys College Scholarship
Saint Marys College Scholarship

Saint Marys College Scholarship

Saint Marys College Scholarship Of California

The Saint Marys College Scholarship is a private Catholic college located in Moraga, California. The college offers several undergraduate and graduate programs and has four schools namely, the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Science, the School of Economics and Business Administration, and lastly the Kalmanovitz School of Education. Ranked as one of the top colleges of California and offers courses and programs in a variety of majors and minors at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Saint Marys College Scholarship
Saint Marys College Scholarship

St Mary’s College Tuition Fees

The university also offers its students a chance to fund their studies through various scholarship opportunities. As a great means to fund higher education, a student can apply to three types of scholarships;

Saint Mary’s College Application

Saint Marys College Scholarship for First Year Scholarship, Transfer School Scholarships, and International Student Scholarships.

First-Year Scholarships

There are five scholarships opportunities available to students under this. The amounts vary from $20,000 to $29,000 annually. Applicants do not have to apply for these scholarships separately and are analyzed based on merit at the time of their admission. These scholarships are automatically applied each academic year without reapplying for them every year. Each award is open to all new undergrads enrolled as full-time students in a four-year program.

Transfer School Scholarships

There are three scholarship opportunities available to students under this. The amount vary from $2,000 to $18,000 annually. The eligibility of the scholarship is based on a combination of merit and need basis, and can be renewed in each academic year. It is important to note that there are no requirements for a separate application to apply for the awards. Successful applicants will be determined at the time of admission, and no additional form is required. Moreover, the scholarships like First-Year Scholarships will be automatically renewed for the next academic year, without having to reapply for them.

This scholarship is applicable for a maximum of three academic years, and the applicant should be a full-time student studying at Saint Mary’s College. It is possible to apply for additional need-based aid if a student qualifies.

International Student Scholarships

Similar to First Year Scholarship, the International Student Scholarship has five scholarship opportunities under it. They are the same scholarships offered to American and PR students. The amounts vary from $20,000 to $29,000. Like with First-Year Scholarships, no additional application form is required, students are awarded the scholarship based on merit at the time of admission.

Students are automatically considered for them and do not have to reapply for the awards each academic year. It is good to note that these scholarships can be combined with other scholarships and students can even apply for additional aid if they qualify for them.

Lasallian Leadership Award

Apart from the awards under the three main scholarships, Saint Mary’s College offers additional opportunities to its students. The Lasallian Leadership Award is a merit-based scholarship, and eligible students are automatically applied for them at the time of admission without any additional documentation or form. However, the award is exclusive to first-year students graduating from De La Salle Christian Brother high school. The scholarship is worth $13,000 per year, renewed each year.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship is open to children and grandchildren of Saint Mary’s College alumni and is valued at $2000. Students of the first year and transfer students can apply for the grant.

Saint Marys College Scholarship College Website

Saint Mary’s College offers a variety of scholarships that are need-based and merit-based. Available to all first-year, transfer students, and also international students. Website is available for anyone to have a look at all available courses and the admission fee details and dates that state the application submitted, head over to

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