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Studying in the U.S.: A Travel Checklist, the Immigration Process, Different Ways to Get Around, and Student Living Arrangements


After getting a student visa, a student can travel to the United States 30 days before the start date on the I-20 or DS-19 form. If someone gets there early, he or she would have to visit the United States on a tourist visa, and the studies couldn’t begin. With the student Visa, the student would have to leave the United States and then come back.

Checklist for Travel When You Study in the U.S.

One should make a list of documents needed at the time of departure to avoid confusion at the last minute. The following documents should be on hand and a copy of each should be in luggage:

To study in the U.S., you need a passport and a valid visa.

Internet receipt for I-20/DS-19 SEVIS fee payment.

Acceptance letter to college and proof of housing.

All original academic degree certificates.

X-ray of the chest and a short certificate (recommended).

Proof of funds, an affidavit, and a statement from the CA.

The university’s address and phone number.

Studying in the U.S.A.: Immigration Process

Fill out the customs declaration form before going into the US airport customs and immigration area.

Keep all of your papers close at hand.

Go to arrivals from other countries, immigration, and customs.

Don’t take pictures right after you land, or you might get questioned and have your phone taken away.

Go to the Passport Control/Immigration counter and stand in the line for foreign citizens when you get to the immigration facilities.
Give the officer on duty your passport and the immigration and customs forms.

After making sure the passports are valid, the officer will put an entry stamp on the passport to show that the person is allowed to enter the US.

This stamp on the visa will let the US government know that the person is a student.

After getting through the passport check, Go to the section for baggage claim to get your bags, and then go to customs.
If you have something that needs to be declared, move to the red line that says “Goods to Declare.” If you don’t have anything to declare, move to the green lane that says “Nothing to Declare.”

After going through customs and immigration, go into the area for international arrivals.

Go to the shuttles, cars, or taxis that the university has set up for your local destination.

International students’ travels in the United States

When you want to travel to a big country like the USA, you will need to do a lot of research. Especially for international students, who are limited in time, money, and other ways. When it comes to money, there are many ways for international students to get the money they need to study in the U.S. Most of us know about the tourist spots, but it’s much more important to know how to get there. In the USA, there are a lot of ways to move around. Some of these are not among them:

Renting a Bike

In the United States, it’s easy to rent a bike, which is a relatively cheap way to get around.
In the United States, it costs about $75 per day to rent a bike.
Most college campuses in the US have a safe place to put bikes called a bike rack.


In urban areas of the US, there is a good amount of public transportation.
But buses don’t run as often in rural areas, so there needs to be another way to get around.
Greyhound’s large bus system is a cheap way to travel all over the United States.
The average cost for one person to get around a city in the United States is $7.36.

Subways and trains

Trains and subways are very important to public transportation in the United States.
They are cheap compared to other places to visit in the USA.
In the United States, the average price of a train or subway ride is $2.75.
They are faster than buses but cost a bit more, so they are usually only used to travel long distances.

Car Rental in the USA

In the US, the best way to spend a long weekend is to rent a car.
Many car rental places are happy to let international students rent their cars.
When cheap car rentals are taken into account, the average price to rent a car is $80.
The price might change depending on what kind of car is rented.
To stay out of trouble with the law, make sure you have a valid driver’s license before you rent a car.


Taxis are not the best way for international students to get around.

It is very expensive compared to other ways to get around in the US.

It should only be used to go long distances when there is no other way to get there.

Options for Students Who Want to Study in the U.S.

International students have a lot of choices when it comes to where to live. This depends on the courses and universities in the United States. One can choose based on the number of people sharing a room, the price, and many other things.

Stay on Campus

You can choose to live on campus in dorms or residence halls, depending on what’s available and what courses you’re taking.

It is a better choice for international students who are going to the United States for the first time.

All services on campus are made available to them.

The dorms and halls are all close to the main campus, so staying on campus saves time and money on travel.

In a public four-year college, the average cost of room and board is $9,800 per year.

At a private 4-year college, the same thing costs $11,000.

Staying off-campus

It is the best choice for people who want to get a close look at American culture.

It is also less expensive than living in a dorm or residence hall on campus.

The university’s off-campus housing office helps international students find a good place to live.

It also helps students get to know the restaurants, shopping malls, and other useful places in their area.

The average cost of living in a place off-campus is about $600 per month.

The price can vary a lot depending on where you live and how much it costs to live there.


Undergraduates who are at least 18 years old can stay with a host family.

The student gets his or her own room with all the essentials.

It also lets the students interact with American culture in a different way.

A homestay for a college student costs between $700 and $850 per month.


In short, it’s pretty easy to live and travel in the U.S.A. When a student is done with the application process to study in the U.S.A., he needs to do research on how to get there and where to live.



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