Study in University of Liverpool – One of the Top Universities of UK

The University of Liverpool is part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities. Because of its academic background, it has a global reach and influence.
The University of Liverpool is in the beautiful city of Liverpool, Merseyside. It has excellent academics and a lot of opportunities to get jobs.

The best part is that international students who qualify can get scholarships to study at the University of Liverpool. If a student gets a Chevening Scholarship, he or she will get Full Tuition Fee Funding and a Living Cost Stipend.

Let’s look at some of the other great things about this university and the scholarships it offers to both undergraduate and graduate students, which makes it one of the most popular choices for international students who want to study in the UK.

Global Ranking

According to the QS World University Rankings, this school is ranked very highly around the world.

The QS World University Rankings 2022 put it at number 189 out of the top 200 universities in the world.

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, it is ranked 21st for Computer Science, Business, Engineering, and many other subjects.

It is between 121 and 130 in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

Study Levels

You can study at any of the levels listed because the University of Liverpool gives you the chance to do so. Before you apply for each level, you have to make sure you meet the university’s requirements.

Postgraduate Masters
Research after college
Certificate of Foundation
English before the session
Look into fields

At the University of Liverpool, there are a lot of courses for different levels. From the list of popular study fields below, you can choose programs for your level of study:

Science and technology
Health and the study of life
Social sciences and the humanities

The University of Liverpool is one of the most affordable schools in the UK. International students who are first-time undergraduates or postgraduates can get a fixed fee guarantee from the university. Let’s look at the scholarships that different programs offer to students from other countries.

Master’s Scholarships

Students from outside the UK who go to this university to get their master’s degree can also get a scholarship. There are more than 10 different awards and 5 different types of scholarships for international students at this university. These international scholarships are open to any student who pays tuition at a foreign or international rate.

Scholarships from Chevening

Full funding for tuition and a stipend to help with living costs.

International Attainment Scholarship for Vice Chancellors
GBP 2,500 was taken off for tuition fees.

International Students, Postgraduate Progress Award
If you have a first-class undergraduate degree, you can get GBP 2,500 off your tuition fees. If you have a 2:1 or 2:2, you can get 10% off your tuition fees.

International College Excellence Scholarship from the University of Liverpool
GBP 5,000 off the tuition fee.

Sports Scholarship in Liverpool
Support Sports Performance with up to GBP 2,000.

International Program for Undergraduates
International students can get more than 10 different kinds of scholarships. Any student from outside of the EU can apply for the scholarship, as long as they meet the requirements.

Scholarships for PhDs

International students can apply for both general and country-specific awards, depending on what they are eligible for.


The university helps its students reach their career goals by giving them the tools and help they need. They can also put you in touch with experts on getting a job, experienced career coaches, and many big employers who can help you build your career.

This university has strong ties to the industry, top global employers, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This means that they can offer their students the best placements, internships, and employer-led events.

So, now that you know how great this university is and all the other things it has to offer besides great academics, we can promise you that studying at the University of Liverpool will give you access to career opportunities all over the world.

Om Karande, who is one of our students, was recently given a full scholarship to this university. If you qualify, you could be the next person to get a scholarship like this. Consult with KC’s UK experts for help with everything from applications to admissions and the visa process at this university or the university of your choice in the UK.

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