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What makes the US a good place for international students to study?

The United States is one of the best places for international students to study abroad. Over 900,000 students choose to go to college in the United States every year because of things like the quality of the education and the way classes are set up. With more than 4,000 universities and 4,000+ unique courses, the country wants to offer education in new ways. Aside from this, the USA is home to top universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton. 7 out of the top 10 universities in the world are in the USA, according to reports.

The country wants to offer a wide range of courses. Besides the popular STEM courses, students can also take management, fine arts, and English courses. For an F-1 visa, you can work for up to 24 months if you take a STEM course in the US, but you can only work for 12 months if you take another course. So, once a student gets a degree from a US university, getting a job with Amazon, Walmart, or Apple is no longer an impossible dream.

Interesting Facts About US

The United States has the world’s largest economy and the fourth-longest river system. It is also home to some of the best musicians ever.
Las Vegas is the best place in the world to gamble.

There’s more whiskey than people. In Kentucky

There is a city in the US called Boring, and it is in Oregon.

Home to over 50 of the world’s best universities

Some of the best universities, like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, and Princeton, are in the USA. And the QS Top Universities Rankings 2022 says that 55 of the top 100 universities are in the United States. Another report from Times Higher Education says that seven of the top 10 universities are in the United States. Getting a degree from a US university guarantees that a student will be able to find work anywhere in the world. Because of this, American universities are known to have the best buildings, technology, and course offerings.
Aside from this, some universities in the United States also have the best industry and innovation.

Study in the U.S.: A Wide Range of Courses

Students who want to study in the United States can choose not only the program but also how the program is set up. Students in their first year of college can find out what they like by trying different things, and after their second year, they can choose a major. In the same way, graduate students can customize their degrees by combining degrees with electives.

Aside from this, transfer admission is another reason why the United States is a popular place to study abroad. Students can move their credits easily from one college to another. Processors at universities keep good relationships with students, which is why more and more Indian students are choosing to study in the United States.

STEM Courses

According to Open Doors 2020-2021, 21% of international students were taking engineering courses and 20% were taking math and computer science courses. The data also shows that more international students are choosing to study STEM subjects in the United States. Since 68 per cent of Indian students are in one of two fields, there is no way back for them.

MBA in the USA

In the United States, getting an MBA takes two years and costs between 170,000 and 220,000 USD. MBA is one of the most popular programmes, and many international students take part in it. After getting their MBA in the United States, top MNCs like Amazon, Apple, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and McKinsey hire students.

Cultural Diversity: A Study in the U.S.

The USA is a very diverse country, and different cultures from other countries add to the culture of the university as a whole. American universities accept students from all over the world and are open to their cultures and traditions. So, studying in the US as an international student gives you a lot of chances to grow as a person and in the world as a whole. Employers in the USA like students who can work with people from different cultures so that business can go smoothly across borders.

In 2020 and 2021, there will be more than 900,000 international students in US universities.

Learn and work while you study in the U.S.

In the United States, training and work-study programs are given a lot of attention. During the program, students can work part-time and take training classes to get real-world experience. There are two types of training modules that give students work experience: optional practical training and curriculum-based practical training.

OPT lets F-1 visa students work in the US for up to a year during or after their studies. Students in STEM classes, on the other hand, can work an extra 12 hours, making the total 24 hours. CPT is similar to OPT in a lot of ways. The only difference is that CPT has to be done before you graduate. So, both of these programs give students the chance to work in the real world and get more professional experience.

Opportunities to make money after school

The job market is a big reason why international students like to study in the United States. As a country, the United States offers many job opportunities, which students can take advantage of through online sites and on-campus placements. Reports say that between September 2020 and September 2021, the number of jobs in the US has grown from 6.61 million USD to 10.41 million USD.

Amazon, Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and Apple are among the best multinational corporations (MNCs) in the United States, paying an average of 94,700 USD per year. However, the most you can earn after studying in the United States is $423,000.

Besides this, the United States is a very big country, and each city has its average placement record.

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